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Bring the Local Food Shift to Your Community!

Across the country, communities are beginning to understand the profound economic, environmental and social benefits of increasing both production and consumption of fresh, locally-grown food.

A study of the greater Colorado area by economist Michael Shuman revealed that 25% food localization could result in 31,000 new jobs by 2020—and more than $2 billion in additional state GDP each year!

The Local Food Shift campaign is designed to empower communities to marshall their efforts in beginning to shift their food systems towards the local. If you would like to introduce the 10% Pledge and the Local Food Shift campaign in your community, we are ready to help! Just drop us a note, and our team will be in touch with you directly.

The Local Food Shift campaign began as a collaboration between Vancouver BC-based Foodtree, a technology company building a global database of food sources and origins, and Boulder-based Transition Colorado, the first officially-recognized Transition initiative in North America. We're are creating tools and processes to empower the local food movement in communities everywhere, helping to localize the food system community by community.

Help shift our economy to locally produced food!