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Unintended Cosequences Of Colorado GMO Labeling Initiative

Alicia Caldwell, 21 Jul 2014
(original: Denver Post)

Of all the places one might expect to find a hotbed of opposition to a GMO labeling initiative, the Denver Urban Homesteading market would be an improbable choice.

After all, this is a shop that… More

Organic Or Not, Local Food Is Better For The Environment

Tom Throgmorton, 19 Jul 2014
(original: KUNC)

Organic produce in the grocery store is labeled as good for the environment. No pesticides on the produce may reduce soil and water contamination, but organic goods that come from faraway places increase… More

Farms In The City? Denver Says Go

Brandon Rittiman, 15 Jul 2014
(original: Channel 9 KUSA)

Like most cities, Denver has its share of concrete, glass and asphalt. But it's also home to an  urban homesteading movement that's bringing small-scale farming to the urban core. More

The Traditional Foods Movement: The Balance Of Healthy Eating

Jennifer McGruther, 23 Jun 2014
(original: Mother Earth News)

The traditional foods movement is a fad-free approach to cooking and eating that emphasizes nutrient-dense food, and values quality, environment and community over the convenience of processed products.… More

Urban Farms One Solution For Ailing Food System, Colorado Agriculture Activist Says

Elaine Grant, 18 Jun 2014
(original: Colorado Public Radio)

Less than 1 percent of the food Coloradans eat comes from Colorado, despite the fact that agriculture is one of the state’s biggest industries. That’s in part because local food is difficult and expensive… More

Nixing GMOs In The Restaurant

Cindy Sutter, 6 Jun 2014
(original: Boulder Daily Camera)

Last month, Bradford Heap, chef and owner of Salt in Boulder and Colterra in Niwot, announced that he had eliminated GMO foods from his restaurant. Around the same time, Eric Skokan, owner of the Black… More

New Farmers Continue To Sprout Up In Colorado Springs Area

Teresa Farney, 14 May 2014
(original: Colorado Springs Gazette)

Farmers markets are gearing up for summer, bringing with them the promise of fresh, local options after a long season of imports. During the past 10 years or so, the number of seasonal markets has increased… More

Organic, Sustainable Foods Take Center Stage At New Manitou Springs Grocery Co-Op

Wayne Heilman, 2 May 2014
(original: Colorado Springs Gazette)

Manitou Springs residents who want to buy an apple, lettuce or package of chicken won't have to drive to Colorado Springs to get it when a new, full-line grocery cooperative with an emphasis on organic,… More

Boulder Business Plants Veggie Beds For Homeowners

Cindy Sutter, 23 Apr 2014
(original: Boulder Daily Camera)

At the heart of that foolproof method are these two gardening essentials: the best light and the best soil. Mason offers raised vegetable gardens in three sizes: 4- by 4-feet, 4- by 8-feet and 4- by 12-feet.… More

Four Things You Should Know About Our Food System

Jeremy Bernfeld, 3 Apr 2014
(original: KUNC)

Food doesn’t just come from a grocery store. Millions of farmers spend their lives producing the crops and raising the livestock that we eat and use. So it makes sense: If you’re interested in what’s… More

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The Corporate Takeover Of 'All Natural' Food

Clarissa A. Leon, 21 Jul 2014
(original: Alternet)

Walk through your local grocery store these days and you'll see the words "all natural” emblazoned on a variety of food packages. The label is lucrative, for sure, but in discussing the natural label… More

'From The Garden': Local Dentist, Moonlighting As Farmer Donates Crops To Charity

Dalondo Moultrie, 18 Jul 2014
(original: Herald Zeitung)

When he’s not digging around in someone’s gums, local root canal specialist Dr. Michael Schwarze said he can be found digging fresh fruits and vegetables out of one of his two farms. The New Braunfels… More

Locally Grown Foods Becoming More Popular, Mainstream

Mary Clare Jalonick, 16 Jul 2014
(original: Huffington Post)

A growing network of companies and organizations is delivering food directly from local farms to major institutions like Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in downtown Philadelphia, eliminating scores… More

Faces And Visions Of The Food Movement: Farmer Michael Foley

Jen Dalton, 11 Jul 2014
(original: Civil Eats)

Michael Foley is a Mendocino County, California-based farmer dedicated to helping young farmers find access to land and education. He wears many hats, including: farmers’ market manager, Vice President… More

The Open Food Network

Raúl Ilargi Meijer, 13 Jul 2014
(original: Automatic Earth)

Today looks like a good day to do a shout out and promo for our dear friends Kirsten and Serenity in Melbourne, Oz, who were responsible for the impeccable organization of the tour of Australia Nicole… More

We Spent A Day In The Vermont Woods To See Why Foraging Is The Next Frontier In Fine Dining

Melia Robinson, 11 Jul 2014
(original: Business Insider)

"Organic." "Grass-fed." "Hand-picked." Once considered rare, these markers of the farm-to-table trend have become so commonplace on restaurant menus that customers hardly notice them anymore. More

Major Study: Monsanto GMO Corn Can Cause Damage To Liver And Kidneys, Severe Hormonal Disruption

Oliver Tickell, 9 Jul 2014
(original: Alternet)

A scientific study that identified serious health impacts on rats fed on 'Roundup ready' GMO maize has been republished following its controversial retraction under strong commercial pressure. Now regulators… More

The Weird And Wonderful World Of Indoor Farming

Annie-Rose Strasser, 9 Jul 2014
(original: Climate Progress)

“Green Sense Farms is the largest commercial indoor vertical farm in the U.S,” explains Robert Colangelo, the company’s founding farmer. “We’re also the largest user of LED grow lights. We specialize… More

From Developing GMOs To Breeding Organic Seeds: A Scientist Makes The Switch

Ken Roseboro, 10 Jul 2014
(original: Civil Eats)

It’s rare when a plant breeder goes from developing genetically modified crops at a major biotechnology company to breeding varieties for organic and non-GMO farmers. Jane Dever, associate professor… More

Ways To Support The Local Foods Movement

Crystal Stevens, 8 Jul 2014
(original: Mother Earth News)

Eating locally is a vitally important way each of us can contribute to a more sustainable community and food shed. Based on the Permaculture Zone Principles, charted in a bull’s eye pattern, each circle… More

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