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Four Things You Should Know About Our Food System

Jeremy Bernfeld, 3 Apr 2014
(original: KUNC)

Food doesn’t just come from a grocery store. Millions of farmers spend their lives producing the crops and raising the livestock that we eat and use. So it makes sense: If you’re interested in what’s… More

Eating Vegan And Vegetarian In Colorado Springs

JL Fields, 2 Apr 2014
(original: Colorado Springs Independent)

Let's start with the food. You don't actually have to shop at a specialty store for vegetarian food because vegetables, fruit, beans, grains, nuts and seeds can be found at any local grocer. King Soopers… More

Who Wants To Move To The Agriburbs?

25 Mar 2014
(original: Eat Drink Better)

… This “truly” sustainable initiative improves the quality of life by combining the best qualities of rural living with the advantages of urban conveniences and culture. The result is improved agriculture,… More

CSA Season Is On Its Way: A Guide To How It Works, Where To Buy

Josie Sexton, 20 Mar 2014
(original: The Coloradoan)

Northern Colorado farmers and food purveyors now have $30,000 to promote  their locally grown fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs and dairy, just in time for the spring and summer markets and community supported… More

Colorado Supreme Court Overturns 'Big Food' Challenge, Keeps GMO Labeling Bill Alive

John Deike, 19 Mar 2014
(original: Earth Island Journal)

In order for Ballot Initiative #48 – a bill that would mandate the labeling of GMO foods on product packaging – to come before voters, it needs 86,105 petition signatures to be submitted to the state… More

Boulder Restaurant Zeal Flaunts Enthusiasm

Josh Gross, 13 Feb 2014
(original: Boulder Weekly)

Zeal’s culinary schtick isn’t anything new. Fresh. Local. Organic. Etc. They describe it as “food for enthusiasts,” and beat diners over the head with the messaging at every opportunity. “No… More

Do You Like Local Food? Try This

Chase Olivarius McAllister, 19 Feb 2014
(original: Durango Herald)

What does it mean to be a good citizen?It’s a tough question. To most people, it means generally not breaking the law, voting and paying taxes.But to Russell Evans, director of Transition Lab, a living… More

Farming The Valley's Open Space

Paul Andersen, 19 Jan 2014
(original: Aspen Journalism)

The “locovore” movement, which is all about growing food locally, is getting a major boost in the Roaring Fork River valley thanks to two large open space acquisitions. More

Natural Foods Grocer To Replace Kroger This Year

Lizzy Alfs, 7 Jan 2014
(original: Michigan Live)

The Kroger store on South Industrial Highway in Ann Arbor will be replaced by a Colorado-based natural foods store this year. Lucky’s Market CEO Bo Sharon confirmed Monday evening that he has a deal… More

Local 'Big' Businesses Produce Great Food Too

Frank Garry, 30 Dec 2013
(original: The Coloradoan)

If you are fortunate enough to know a local small farmer and you have the opportunity to support that enterprise, that’s great. But I will encourage you to avoid getting caught up in the notion that… More

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Why You Should Be Skeptical Of Walmart's Cheap Organic Food

Eve Andrews, 12 Apr 2014
(original: Grist)

Out on the mean streets of the U.S. organic foods industry, Walmart has stepped onto the corner with both guns drawn. On Thursday, the superstore behemoth announced its plan to partner with Wild Oats (which… More

Don't Panic, Go Organic: The IPCC Report Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Climate-Smart Food

Anna Lappe, 8 Apr 2014
(original: Civil Eats)

The just-released synthesis report on global warming from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has prompted some to start name-dropping Thomas Malthus. Malthus, you may remember, was the… More

From Schoolyard To Market

9 Apr 2014
(original: CUESA)

Schoolyard to Market is a youth development, entrepreneurship, and gardening program launched in January 2011. We partner with Urban Sprouts to work with three San Francisco Unified School District high… More

Cultivating An Ecological Farmer/Citizen: Interview With Luane Todd

Ryan Sitler, 23 Mar 2014
(original: A Growing Culture)

In a way this is the strength of alternative, small scale, place sensitive food production. At its best it offers a way for many people to care for themselves and their neighbors at a time when industrial… More

Finance And Food Insecurity

Nicole Foss, 4 Apr 2014
(original: Automatic Earth)

Food insecurity has become a major global issue in recent years, underlying many of the instances of social upheaval around the world. This is both a reflection of the short-term fluctuations in an over-financialized… More

UN Climate Panel Issues Dire Warning Of Threat To Global Food Supply, Calls For Action And Adaptation

2 Apr 2014
(original: Democracy Now)

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued its most dire warning yet about how greenhouse gases have driven up global temperatures and extreme weather, while threatening sources… More

Cultivating Resilience To Feed The World

Marcia Ishii-Eitman, 20 Mar 2014
(original: Ground Truth)

Crazy weather we’ve been having this winter: monster snowstorms across New England, record-breaking freezes in the Midwest, drought, wildfires (in January!) and weirdly hot days in California. For many… More

Water And Farms: Drought As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Farmer

Pete Aiello, 28 Mar 2014
(original: San Jose Mercury News)

It doesn't make sense to criticize farmers for using water to grow food any more than it makes sense to criticize homebuilders for using wood to build our houses. The consumer drives demand for inputs… More

Co-Op To Screen "Food For Change"

Lisa Kucharski, 16 Mar 2014
(original: Woodstock Independent)

“Food for Change,” an 84-minute documentary by Home Planet Pictures, tells the story of the co-op movement in the U.S. and focuses on food co-ops as forces “for dynamic social and economic change… More

Making Food Deserts Bloom Takes More Than A Baptism Of Kale

Nathaniel Johnson, 25 Mar 2014
(original: Grist)

It took the nonprofit Philabundance to open a grocery store in Chester, Penn., but that’s just the first step in getting locals to eat better food. More

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